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Whole house filtration System


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External fi lter, installed at the water inlet of the house, where impure and street water passes
through a pipe that leads to the fi lter, which fi lters and distributes it to the house.


Our city water system offers, through one (1) treatment tank located outside the
house, the necessary elements for the proper and ideal water treatment through 4
stages that guarantee high quality consumption.
1. Gravel: (Clarifi es) retains and separates solids suspended in water,
which are not removed by sedimentation.
2. Anionic Resin: (Conditions) retains sulfates, nitrates and chlorides
that condition the water.
3. Granular Active Carbon: (Filters) absorbs organic compounds
such as chlorine, organic solvents, herbicides, pesticides, eliminates
odors in the water.
4. KDF: (Decontaminant) reduces or eliminates chlorine, iron,
hydrogen sulfi de, lead, mercury, calcium carbonate, magnesium,
chromium, bacteria, algae and fungi.
• microcomputer with intelligent control system.
• informative led panel.
• backwash system for self-cleaning.
• 5 years warranty.

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Whole house filtration System


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