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About Salus

A company focused on quality

SALUS is a renowned and specialized company in residential water filtration and purification systems. With a solid track record in the market, we are recognized for offering cutting-edge technology and providing a complete solution to ensure the quality of the water you and your family consume daily.

"Our focus has always been the health of our customers, and that is why we work to always have the best filtration systems" - Marcelo C. (CEO)

Quality water for your family

Chemical free

Absence of undesirable chemical substances such as pollutants, organic and inorganic contaminants, industrial chemicals, and pesticide residues.

Without heavy metals

Obtaining water without heavy metals requires the use of appropriate treatment technologies and regular monitoring to ensure its quality.

Neutral taste and odor

Pure water should have a neutral taste and odor. It should not have unpleasant tastes or smells, such as a metallic taste, chlorine odor, or any distinct odor.

Mineral balance

Pure water should not contain excessive or deficient concentrations of minerals.

Alkaline water

Health benefits due to alkalinity and alkaline minerals.

Safe House

Safe water supply in your home, ensuring safe baths and food cleaning.

What We Offer

An effort to make your water pure

Our technology and experience for you to have the best water quality in your home.


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Salus Filtration Systems
Safe water
Complete filtration for your home water
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Whole System
All water in your home safe
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Pure One kitchen
The smartest filter for kitchens
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Salus Filtration Systems

Whole house filtration System

The filtration system that protects your entire home.

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For us the customer is what matters! We guarantee everyone’s satisfaction.

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Wow, I never imagined drinking healthy water until I bought this system for my home.


I'm very satisfied with this filtration system, especially with the Salus team! I will recommend it to everyone I know because pure and healthy water saves lives!

John Megantara

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